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Social media marketing is difficult: running multiple accounts, targeting different audiences, and planning a steady stream of content can quickly become onerous chores. That’s not how social media was supposed to be. To solve this problem, we've created Simple Social – the easiest tool to manage all your social media.

With Simple Social, you can manage all your accounts in one place, schedule and preview your content with a powerful drag and drop interface, and visualize your campaign and content on a calendar. With built-in image editing and support for post videos, photos, text, and locations on all major platforms, we make it easy to succeed on social media.

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Simple, low-cost pricing.

We keep things as simple as possible.

We have one plan which gives you access to all our social media management tools.

The Simple Plan
  • Manage Unlimited Accounts
  • Image, Video & Location support
  • Post Scheduling
  • Layout Preview
  • Calendar View
  • Post Previews
  • Simple Analytics
  • In-App Image Eediting
$14.99 (USD) per month. Billed monthly. No hidden fees. Simple.

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Manage unlimited accounts & posts

There’s no limit to the number of social media profiles that you can link to Simple Social. Manage multiple Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts at no additional cost. Schedule posts to any number of profiles at the same time, and customize your media and captions for each platform!

Manage unlimited accounts and posts with Simple Social.

Layout Preview

Want to preview your Instagram’s profile layout prior to posting? Simply drag and drop your posts into our Layout Preview Tool, and we’ll make sure they’re posted at the correct time to maintain your perfect arrangement!

Preview your Instagram Layout with Simple Social.

Calendar View

One of the keys to success for any social media campaign is keeping your audience engaged with regular posts across multiple accounts. To help you keep on track, we’ve created a calendar view. You can see all of your accounts at once, or filter by account, see exactly what is posting when, and drag and drop to rearrange if you choose!

Manage your posts with the Simple Social Calendar view.

Image, Video & Location support

At Simple Social, we’re focused on delivering a hassle-free experience for the tools you’ll use every day. That’s why we’ve worked hard to seamlessly integrate image, video, and location media with our automatic post scheduler. You can even choose different media and captions for different platforms on the same post! The possibilities are limitless and the process is simple.

Simple Social supports images, videos. & locations

Simple Analytics

Social media marketing is riddled with frustrating acronyms and complicated statistics. But with Simple Social, you don’t need to be an expert to understand Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter analytics. Our Insights tool gives you a clear, stripped back, view of what’s going on with your posts and profiles. A quick glance, and you’ll know how your campaign is tracking.

Get the data with Simple Social Analytics.

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Simple Social is completely free to try, with no credit card required for 30 days.

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We built Simple Social so people could spend less time worrying about managing their social media, and more time building their business. This vision extends to our support – if you have any kind of question, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to answer any questions, and your request will go straight to our core team so it can be answered quickly and correctly. Want some features which are specific to your business? Get in touch and we’ll get to work.

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