Simple Social is packed with social media management tools.

We've thought long and hard about what features to include in Simple Social. Each component of the app is designed to make managing multiple social media accounts easier, without over-complicating things.

Read on for a full list of features!

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Manage Unlimited Accounts & Posts

Simple Social is designed to grow with your business, so our Simple Plan lets you manage as many social media accounts as you need, from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Every time you create content, you can choose which accounts you’d like to post it to. Want to post to multiple accounts and platforms at once? Pick as many as you like! Want to post to only one or a few accounts? No worries, just choose the accounts you need! Want to have different captions or media on different platforms? We’ve got you covered!

Manage unlimited accounts and posts with Simple Social.

Layout Preview

A key part of modern Instagram marketing is making sure your profile looks both professional and inviting. Often it can be difficult to visualise exactly how your profile will look prior to posting and that's where our Layout Preview comes in handy. You can simply drag and drop your posts onto the Layout Preview and order them in a way you're happy with before posting a single one! We'll even make sure that you post them at the correct time, so your configuration is maintained and that your profile looks flawless.

Preview your Instagram Layout with Simple Social.

Calendar View

Keeping track of what should be posted when, is one of the major challenges of social media marketing. Our Calendar View makes this process painless and straightforward, by providing a visual layout as to the timing of each post. Changes can be made by simply dragging and dropping a post on a new date, and you can view as many or as few profiles simultaneously, making managing the timing of your social media posts a breeze.

Manage your posts with the Simple Social Calendar view.

Image, Video & Location support

Simple Social caters for all kinds of content creators. Whether your flavour is to post videos or images, we'll schedule them all automatically giving you more time to focus on content creation. Location support is also included, allowing you to give your audience further insight into any post you create.

Simple Social supports images, videos & locations.
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Post Preview

Every social media platform formats your content differently. With Simple Social, you get an automatic preview of how your post will look when published, updated live as you enter text and add media. You can always be confident that your post will look exactly how you want!

Preview your posts with Simple Social.

In-App Image Editing

Your images are at their best when they’re resized to suit the social media platform you’re posting to and cropped or filtered to bring the subject to life. We know pulling images in and out of photo editing software can be a real pain, so we’ve included an image editor in Simple Social. Resize, crop, and filter your images right within the app.

Edit images with Simple Social.

Location Support

Tagging your posts with a location makes a big difference to how much of an impact they’ll make in your audience’s feed. Most other social media management tools can’t do this, but we’ve put in the hard work to make it happen: with Simple Social, you can choose locations for your posts across all platforms with ease.

Add locations to your posts with Simple Social.

Simple Analytics

Once your content is live on your social media profile it's critical to know how it's performing. Understanding what content is getting the most engagement, likes and views, is central to making decisions about what sort of content to make in the future. Often this information can be complex to obtain and requires data retrival from many locations, however with Simple Analytics you can see all this information in a single handly location, broken down to remove the noise and only show you what's important.

Get the data with Simple Social Analytics.

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