In order to manage your Instagram page with Simple Social you'll need to have it linked to your Facebook page. This article will explain how to link your pages together.


  • A Facebook Page (Note this is not a personal Facebook profile, but a Facebook Page. Please read this article to learn about the differences)
  • An Instagram Account that you wish to link with your Facebook Page.

1) Firstly you'll need to open up Facebook and navigate to your pages.

2) From there choose the page you wish to link the Instagram account to.

3) Press the "Settings" button in the top right.

Facebook Page Top Navigation Bar

4) Using the navigation pane on the left scroll down and click "Instagram".

Facebook Page Right-Hand-Side Navigation

5) Press "Connect Account"

Connect Instagram Account to Facebook UI

6) A dialogue box will pop up asking you to sign into Instagram. Sign in using your Instagram Account details.

Instagram Login

7) The dialogue box will close and Facebook will reload.

Instagram Account connected to Facebook Page

8) Your Instagram will now be connected to Facebook & you can link it to Simple Social.